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sitio. >>> eso espero. >>> en este estudio en tallahassee, florida, los lentes de varias cÁmaras vigilan los movimientos, la lista de los que ingresan se registra celosamente, y hasta los empleados se les exige usar guantes para tocar los nÚmeros que convertirÁ en ganador de 550 millones. >>> le alcanzarÍa para dormir en el hotel plaza por 141 mil noches. tambiÉn le alcanzarÍa para comprarse un departamento disponible. >>> el mayor premio puso a volar la imaginaciÓn de millones, que con dos dÓlares ven un mar de posibilidad frente a ellas. >>> blanca rosa vilchez, univisiÓn. >>> para muchos es difÍcil entender, pero la vida, muerte, funeral de "macho" camacho es una de las noticias mÁs seguidas, su vida fue difÍcil, su muerte y entierro son exactamente igual, nada fue fÁcil desde escoger si se entierra en puerto rico o nueva york, como reporta jorge viera la frase de descanse en paz no se puede aplicar al ex boxeador. >>> con aplausos, un violinista, los boricuas despidieron a "macho" camacho. >>> mi hijo se me fue pero lo recordare en mi corazÓn... me lo mataron, no fue mue
gamble. and we asked anna werner to look into that. >> reporter: florida sold 20,000 powerball tickets a minute today. >> i'm going to pay for hers, but lisa metzler didn't buy one. it's been a tough road for you, hasn't it? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: the letter carrier is fighting an addiction to gambling that cost her $70,000, as much as $10,000 on scratch- off lottery tickets. what did gambling do to your life? >> gambling flipped my life upside down. i shut out my family. i shut out my friends. it was all i wanted to do. >> reporter: you were hooked. >> i was hooked from day one. >> and they meet wednesdays at 6:00 p.m. >> reporter: metzler got help after she called this hot line run by the florida council of compulsive gambling, but last year, florida cut its budget by $1.5 million while spending $30 tellion on lottery advertising. pat fowler heads the council. >> a lot of the funding that our organization received was utilized for marketing and outreach because we know that's how we get help to the people who need it. >> reporter: six states have cut help for compulsive gamblers a
warner tells us for some it has a danger. >> reporter: florida sold 20,000 powerball tickets a minute. but lisa didn't buy one. it's been a tough road for you. the letter carrier is fighting an addiction to gambling which cost her $70,000, as much as 10,000 on scratch off lottery tickets. >> what did gambling do to your life? >> gambling put my life upside down. i set out my family, i set out my friends. it was all i wanted to do. >> you were hooked? >> i was hooked from day one. >> reporter: she got help after she called this hotline run by the florida council on compulsive gambling but last year florida cut its budget by a million and a half dollars while spending 30 million on lottery advertising. pat fowler heads the council. >> a lot of the funding that our organization received was utilized for marketing and outreach. because we know that's how we get help to the people who need it. >> reporter: six states have cut help for compulsive gamblers as they expanded gambling. new york cut 41 programs. but spent $85 million advertising its lottery. >> yeah that kind of rich. >> reporte
in florida. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah, joey. >> caller: you think it could be a large percentage of companies like annies? >> i'd rather go with haynes. they slammed him the other day. i saw irwin simon on "fast money" and i thought he told god good stories. best of breed is haynes celestial. or mond in connecticut. >> caller: how are you. want to look at the fresh market earnings. the stock got hammered. i was wondering if it's over with or stay away from the stock completely? >> what do we got to be in the second-best? i like this, nice looking stores. don't get me wrong. if nice looking stores all that mattered i'd be a bye bye-byer. but we got whole foods and unbelievable players who run whole foods. why do we have to figure out to play whole foods fresh market? the way to play whole foods is whole foods. >> let's go to janet in the home state of new jersey. >> jim, boo-yah to you. i'm learning so much from you and your show. how i can help? >> caller: i was watching your show yesterday about private label goods and i just want to know, could private label grow or hurt or hel
in a blue or red state or voted in an urban, suburban or rural prestinket, a dozen states including florida, pennsylvania, colorado, ohio, new york, massachusetts, wisconsin, south carolina, montana, tennessee, hawaii, arizona, rhode island and my own commonwealth of virginia encountered significant but avoidable barriers to casting their ballots. this is not a republican or a democratic problem. this is truly a national bipartisan challenge. it's not a crisis, and to quote president obama, it's one we have to fix. one that -- the senior citizen who may not have had the stamina to stand in line for five hours or the young working mom waiting to vote, worried about the fact that she won't get to the front of the line in time to pick up her kids at daycare. the experience of our constituents on election day amounts to a modern day poll tax on all americans that must be eliminated. 1 years after the 2000 presidential election exposed the deep structural problems that plague our decentralized voting system, our troubles appeared to have worsened, not improved. voting machines, malfunctioning ma
know it already. if not, share it with us. there's tallahassee, florida. that's where the winning numbers were drawn. and here they are. 5, 23, 16, 22, 29 and powerball 6. >> so close. >> oh, my gosh. >> good morning, america. as you all know, robin is at home recovering. welcome back to amy robach. >> i had one with 6 as the powerball. but that's it. >> that's not bad. >> i mean, i got up this morning, i really did. i was so mad. it is the richest powerball jackpot ever. a record $587.5 million jackpot. those winning tickets were bought in arizona and missouri. each winner gets $192 million payout. >> whoo! at their peak, lottery tickets were selling at a rate of 130,000 a minute, coast to coast. >> wow. >> a lot of losers. let's get right to ground zero, arizona, the home of at least one winner. and abc's david wright is on the scene in phoenix. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. from outside arizona lottery headquarters, where, just a few hours from now, they're going to hold a press conference. not clear, yet, if they're going to be handing out that massiv
hacer la entrevista >> la antigua casa en el sur de la florida fue elegida por dom domenick marte y luz rios para grabar esta cancion al ritmo de la bachata >> es segunda vez que canto ba h bachata y me fascina >> hasta clases de bachata re b recibio. >> ¿sabes bailar? >> 1, 2 , 3. >> muero de celulares, os y m e dentro. >> para la prÓxima temporada de m"mira quien baila" vamos a ba a bailarla muy bien >> tambiÉn considera otro dueto con domenick en su proxiÓximo do >> ya hice la invitacion, a mi m me fascina su voz >> fu en un dÍa completo de f a filmacion >> me habla el director y dice que el video esta listo ¿por qÉe no lo presentan en primer im impacto? >> bueno, luz rios, domenick r marte, nuestro nuevo sencillo que lo disfruten aquÍ en primer impacto. > ♪ > ♪ > ♪ >> gracias por la exclusiva, fue estreno de hecho en mÉxico que realizza la belleza en mÉxico, >> diego luna habla de la imp importancia de la familia llego acompaÑado de su esposa >> yo hable de mi vida me la v vivi en el monotema., ve como p apoya con el supuesdto abandono de su abuela >> no hab
did it. according to the prosecutors in hillsborough county, florida dd moore befriended jackpot winner abraham shakespeare in 2008. you may remember this one. they claim that she claimed she wanted to write book about people taking advantage of him. they accuse her of then swindling him out of his winnings, shooting him and putting his body beneath a concrete slab in her backyard. but dee dee's lawyers today say a drug dealer killed. shakee people who owed him money tried to frame dee dee so they wouldn't have to pay their debts. phil keating is in south florida tonight. so much for absolutely. before he was killed this truly rags to riches lowered winner got to the point where he publicly said where he wish he said he would have never bought that pick quick ticket. the barely literate abraham shakespeare actually didn't barely enjoy any of the 17-million-dollar lump sum payment that he took from the state lottery commission. giving almost all of it away to the endless family and friends who came asking. prosecutors today showed the jury crime scene photos of how he ended up. ab
person to have on? >> well, we do, down here in florida, we do computer based and web base training, growing from me, myself, and i over the last five years to 10 # 5 employees in ten states. we've been reck nilsedded by -- recognized by the small business administration and "ink" magazine ranking number 36. weave been on the radar, and we got the call from the sba that they needed a small business from the southeast to participate. gerri: all right. keith, you know, we spend time reporting on small business, a lot of small business viewers out there, and we talk about the natial federation of independent businesses, and they say two in three businesses, small business owners, say there's too much economic uncertainty, and they want a little less of that. you, yourself, told us these would have been an issue, would ve been an issue ipresident obama didn't meet with us. why is it so iortant to have the small business voice in the conversation over the fiscal cliff? >> well, i mean, you know, actually, the president said that, and it's a known fact, that small business actually drives
estÁ investigando a tres farmacias en la florida en conexiÓn con la desviacion de medicamentos rec recetados para ilÍcito. un portavoz de la empresa dijo que la compaÑÍa dejÓ de aceptar recetas para sustancias cont controlada como medida de cooperaciÓn a esta medida. >>> el cuerpo de macho camacho viene volando a new york. para ser velado aquÍ en new york. los familiares decidieron entregarlo en new york donde comenzÓ la carrera del pugilista. >>> lo mataron, no fue muerte natural. gracias puerto rico, muy agradecida. >>> camacho habÍa sido diagnosticado con muerte cerebral el jueves pasado tras recibir un disparo en la mandÍbula. >>> a tres dÍas de entregar el poder felipe calderÓn se despidiÓ esta noche por una cadena nacional en mÉxico. >>> el presidente de mÉxico a travÉs de un video dirigido a la naciÓn agradecio el paÍs el fin de su gobierno. a tres dÍas de entregar la banda presidencial felipe calderÓn se manifestÓ asÍ por Última vez a los mexicanos. >>> gracias porque me dieron un voto de confianza que me acompaÑÓ todo el tiempo, gracias por el esfue
of florida in the sue presume court graham in which the court said the juvenile should be treated differently with respect to life without the possibility of parole. the same happened in simmons where the court has treated juveniles differently. it may be the case we can start to do that. we can start to categorize people. we categorized a group of individuals in virginia and said those people who have mental retardation have lesser couple ability for a whole host of reasons, they're more likely to follow people. they're more likely to be subject to peer pressure, less likely to have made premeditated decision-making. that's probably where this evidence is the most useful. we have a standard in criminal law called the reasonable person standard. this fictitious person that we measure everybody's conduct by. we say this is the person, the average person, the average juror, the average individual, the kind of conduct that we would expect an average member of society to live up to. well, as it turns out that none of us are quite average, right. and we might actually be much more like people who
. >>> en junio las autoridades de la florida desmantelaron una red de traficantews, que les pagaban unos 30 dÓlares a ls mos mnenor. >>> hacen amistad con las chicas menores, usand elogios, promes s promesas. >>>e ess alarmante que de los m menores arrestados, el 60% son fueron parte del servicio de s niÑos y familia del estado. >>> de costa a costa dse trabaa para encontrar una slu,oluciÓn, laos Ángeles, carlrlos botifol m tt tmelemundo. >>> victoriainfantes de mariÍa d del narcotrÁfico es la pregunta sobre la reina de belleza que murio en un enfrentamiento con e el ejÉrcito. >>> apenas un ataduud, algo de u muÚsica y muchas laÁgrimas, es que quedÓ de la belleza de maÍaa susana flores. >>> en febrero recorria la pa r pasarela sebastiÁn rullgura de a antes de ganar miss sinaloa 2 2 2012. >>> el sÁbado murio en un en enfrentamiento entre ejÉrcito y narcotraficantes, segÚn un in informe, ella mismoa disparo u r rifle. >>> viene a mancharse el nombre del estado, el nombre de una s r persona joven. >>> la modelo era nvia de ivÁn gastellum presunto jefe de sic sicarios del c
: in a television studio in tallahassee, florida, machines spit out six numbers. numbers that are oh so close, but not quite the ones printed on your ticket. tonight it turns out they did match for at least two people. abc news has confirmed two winning tickets were sold. one in arizona. one in missouri. while the reality that almost all of us have lost, yet again, sets in -- let's go back to this morning when we were all about to become half-billionaires. "nightline" spent the day at three of the country's biggest lottery stores. first up, rosenberg, texas. rudy's stop and shop may look like a shack plastered with lottery signs, but you're looking at the luckiest spot in the lone star state. >> there you go. >> thank you. >> good luck. >> all right, thanks. >> reporter: its walls are lined with past winners. >> give me $10 worth. >> reporter: rudy's owner says last year alone, this one store precipitated printed up $2 million in winning tickets. >> we've cashed more tickets, produced more winners. >> six, seven and eight. thank you. >> thank you. all right. have a good day and good luck. >>
, 16, 22, 23, 29 and the powerball, 6. anna werner is at powerball headquarters in tallahassee, florida, where those numbers were drawn last night. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah and charlie. one of those two winning tickets was sold in the kansas city, missouri area. the winner has yet to come forward. they have plenty of time to do so. 180 days, in fact. there are now two winning unidens for two unknown buyers. >> i hope you got those tickets. tickets.. it tookook at tonight's numbers. >> in the end it took less than a minute to make lucky ticket alders millionaires. >> it is the number 6. >> repornight the jackpot had town to more than $587 million. >> when it's this high, you would be crazy not to. you've got to play. >> that's the winner. wi $20 on the line. all in his powerball in history ntryplayers across the country dreaming big. >> i would probably buy a host of ferraris. more thanans purchased more than 280 million powerball tickets drathe drawing with 130,000 utekets sold every minute on alone. ew york led the way in sales, followed by florida and t
of the states of... california florida, illinois... and new york. and by the united states department of education... and the united states immigration and naturalization service. - i don't understand this. - what's the problem mr. brashov ? - this whole week business has been terrible. - maybe we should advertise. i could make a big sign for the front of the restaurant. we could have flashing lights, lots of color. i'm sure it will attract a lot of attention. and probably get us thrown out of the neighborhood. maybe we just need to make the menu a little more exciting. i bought some chili peppers at a vegetable market last weekend. i'm going to put them in tomorrow's chicken special. well, thanks for the warning. i'll be sure to put extra ice water at all the tables. i bet the customers will love it. well, if nothing else, it'll clear out their sinuses. thank you, rosa. that sounds delicious. so what did you do this weekend, mr. brashov ? well, on saturday i cleaned up my office. and on sunday i caught up on some paperwork. talk about a wild weekend. - don't
own right. what we found was that even in southern states, florida, significant majorities, over 60%, believe that people who had an addiction should not be sent to jail the first or second time, jail or prison the first or second time that they were picked up on drug possession. so you saw that as sort of a moral notion and you also see the cost-savings argument. when people -- i could critically say, look, most drug treatment does not work most of the time for most of the people who pursue it. that said, dollar for dollar, person for person, drug treatment is a dramatically better investment than incarceration, right? you think about it. treatment is like quitting cigarettes, right? people need multiple times and you don't know until you're on your deathbed. cigarettes are more addictive than other drugs and takes time. but i think people responded to some extent on a moral basis that it's just not right to put people behind bars for that and secondly on the cost savings piece. the third one was the utilization of law enforcement resources. we see that with marijuana and other dru
versus a ford bronco by the name of tug, at the tug-of-war at okeechobee, florida, two trucks tied together, the idea it's a tug-of-war like you would do, except this is with heavy machine high powered trucks. watch how this goes down. anybody want to put out any bets? a mismatch with the tires. hear how the guy on the right has the tires. >> it depends what's on the chassis. >> even if the guy has a more powerful engine, this guy has bigger tires. >> and putting the money on king kong on the right? >> i'm going for the little guy. >> engines revv up, tires dig in. oh, boy. >> oh! >> and king kong goes kablooey. >> i win, i win, i win. >> the transition on the king kong blowed up. put holes into the floorboard of the truck and even set the shoes on and you see the passenger bail out pretty quick. no injuries. >> this is not the first time this has happened. bret tells us he has gone through 18 transmissions in king kong drive iing for 16 years. this is all sport. >> i don't know much about this kind of sport but i kind of want to say, hey, i think you're doing it wrong! >>> at this
park, florida. >> okay. >> this is her daughter right when they handed her to santa. the boys went into autopilot. >> that's adorable. >> a great shot. >> look at them all with the same shirt. wow. >> amazing mother that can get that many children looking that adorable at the same time. >> okay. jennifer from morris town, new jersey submitted that photo. >> they saw that at a local park and mom is like i don't know what to do with this. >> what the what? >> the rule or do you let them go? >> i don't know. >> next up, a photo from dawn bud from cape may courthouse, new jersey. >> how cute is that? >> the dog every time passes this fountain gets up to play with the other dog. that's a statue. >> oh. oh. >> that's statue. >> i didn't get that. >> the dog tries to play with it all the time. >> i thought he was getting a drink. >> me, too. >> he pushes his paw at him and tries to get him to play. >> that is unbelievable. never gets it. >> just going to be over and over again. sherry thurman from wildwood, missouri, sent us this photo. >> sit means sit. >> dog training, sorry, we don't t
. former republican senator george lemieux of florida joins me now. thank you for coming on the show. we read your op-ed in the "wall street journal" and dow we have to talk about this. i know you have written a lot of fraud, but i want to start with this idea that there is some discussion of getting medicare reform into the fiscal cliff talks. do you think anyone is serious about that? >> well, there needs to be. medicare is the largest growth in expenditure in the federal budget. if we don't reform the way that we pay of medicare it's going to be one of the things that breaks the bank and makes us unable to meet our obligations, so we absolutely have to reform it. the legislation that i wrote back in 2010 that we passed a bipartisan support and signed by the president went after something that everything to everybody is against. gerri: let's get to that in the second. i just want to spend one more second of this idea. the senator from illinois saying on tv that he would like to see 400 billion entitlement cuts, the vast majority of the savings, all of it coming from medicare. is that t
scattered showers and central and southern florida. >> just shy of 80 in miami. 40s in the northeast. and midwest. mostly 50s in the northern rockies and pacific northwest. >>> well, thanksgiving was only a week ago. i'm still craving pumpkin pie. may as well be ancient history by now. it's clearly the christmas holiday season now and that's why this is our "favorite story of the day." ooh, wow -- we were almost -- >> we are all right. it features the unique sand christmas tree that is being constructed there in west palm beach, florida. the 35-foot sculpture is made, get this, from 400 tons of sand. >> yes. >> it included some lights. they say it is the tallest sand tree ever built. they expect that it will be in place for a month. it cost $48,000. but the city says that is about the same cost as an 18-minute fireworks display on july 4th. >> all right. see that's what i like to see. not being in the south anymore. i miss a warm holiday season. it doesn't have to be cold to feel authentic. but i miss that, really. sunshine. dude is wearing shorts. what i'm talking about. >> i couldn
47%. not exactly a number he wants to be thinking about. let's go through a few states. in florida what we reported on election day was at the recount number, less than 50,000 vote lead for the president. his lead expanded to about 75,000, still less than a percentage vote. florida clearly incredibly close. ohio was a two-point margin on election day. on election night after the election it's gotten up to three points with rounding, 51-48 as you can seechlt ohio getting close to the national average. then there is virginia which has been on the national number. on election day it was 51.48. it's expanded to 51-47. then colorado, 51-47 on election day. the big surprise is with rounding, 52-46. we'll talk about colorado in a minute. let's bring in my colleague at the white house, nbc's mike viqueira, former adviser to george bush and sarah feagin and doug thorn nell. welcome all. good to be with you. sarah, the colorado number is the one most striking. these provisional ballots has come in. it takes this country three weeks to count votes. it's a good thing we weren't waiting here. w
diego is in the east and south florida and central florida are also up in the east. yes. it makes no sense at all. and, by the way, the big ten has 14 teams now. >> jeff: (laughs) i was going to say map makers have to get to work but so do mathematicians. john feinstein, thank you so much. >> thank you, jeff. >> suarez: again, the major developments of the day: internet and cell phone service was down in syria, and there was fighting near the airport in damascus, as rebels battled government forces. democrats and republicans accused each other of refusing to talk specifics about how to avoid the fiscal cliff. house speaker john boehner said there's been no progress in the last two weeks. and the u.n. general assembly voted to recognize palestine as a non-member observer state. the u.s. was one of only nine states voting no. and, you've heard the term "glacial pace"? not exactly, says one director who's scaled enough ice, to know better. hari sreenivasan has more. >> sreenivasan: filmmaker james balog spent years documenting dramatic changes in arctic glaciers. i talked with him ab
partnership in south florida with local law enforcement who had gone into schools talking about bullying, including cyber bullying and giving people concrete examples of things of situations they saw, it was remarkable. and that is why we will continue to do that work. so i hope today as we move forward you will understand that we are in this together with you at the department of justice. this is an all hands on deck enterprise. there is so much to do. i hope at the end of this day we will indeed all follow the lead of that student, walk out and say what are one or two things i'm going to do differently and better? how are we going to improve this situation? i hope if you take one and only one thing from melinda and my and ruslyn's remarks today, if you have an idea, please bring them to us. we want to learn from you. we are in this together and i want to say thank you because the most important thing we have is a recognition that you understand that this is indeed a national issue for us to deal with. i'm looking forward to the rest of the day, i appreciate your presence and i
, texas, florida, and the bay area. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome rebecca randell. >> great, thank you, melinda. i'm going to ask you all to come up now. as they get seated i'll say a few words. all these panelists really bring a great wealth of experience and wisdom to what on the one hand is actually a really complicated issue and on the other hand at its very core is somewhat simple. whether it's online or off-line, bullying and harassment or as the teens that we encounter at common sense media often say, drama, it's about power. as you heard the boy on the video say, i'm the big dog. who has it, who wants it and who wants to keep it. i realize this is an incredibly simple definition so i will leave it to our panel to pick it apart and to delve deeper. each of our panelists will have the opportunity to give a brief introduction of who they are and their organizations and after we've done the rounds i will pose a series of questions to eefrp of they will and then you will all have the opportunity to interact with them yourselves so we can have a really dynamic conversation.
, hoist into a real bear hug by a pizza shop owner in florida. >>> and, our video tonight has everybody wondering if they were dreaming. let's say you're looking out a window on staten island in new york and you see this. from out of nowhere, a runaway pony, trotting down the street, pursued by a zebra? a stunned store owner grabbed his smartphone so everybody would believe him. it turns out the unlikely pair escaped from a nearby petting zoo. they were caught and returned safely. rubbing their eyes today on staten island. if you see something tomorrow you'd like to show all of your friends, let us know. tweet me your ideas for the "instant index," @dianesawyer. >>> and, coming up, if you bought a lottery ticket with a friend or a co-worker, you have to stay tuned and see what we're going to tell you next. it could change your life. le announcer ] this is bob, a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn l
million tickets sold in florida, maryland, new mexico, ohio and south carolina loin gnaw. the news is not all bad if you are waking up this morning. we are live in mid town. >> even if you get 4r bucks. >> two people in missouri and arizona will be splitting the $580 million. plus diane macedo has son what you are doing for the big winners all six of the numbers. they might be busy talking about how to pro tech your certificates. >> soon the back to keep from any one claiming traes theirs. do a photo copy and place the original in a swaf. in terms of who you mel you tell, when it comes to payout options to take the lump jum it improved making the bash up 727 million the 580 million is the actual lottery pot plus interest earned but treasury you have a good chance of earning better returns elsewhere. >> with either option we will get 29 percent of that not including state taxes. especially since the winners will be in the top tax bracket there's a chas chances about co up so they are charged at 2012 rates. the same goes for charitable positions. righting off bow nations could be ove
's got to stop. they're all doing it. and it's just major corruption. host: fran, jacksonville, florida. yes, we're listening. caller: oh, thank you. i was calling, wanted to know if i heard that excerpt from the wall street journal article correctly, that the president might be relenting on his pledge to not sign anything that didn't have that increase with the upper 1%. host: well, i think it's a little more nuanced than that. it says here again, here's the headline. obama is flexible of highest tax rates. and what it says is that it's not so much that he won't sign anything, it's more of how high the tax rates would go. so does that -- how do you see that? how do you reed that? caller: i would really be disappointed in that, because he's been fighting for that since the beginning. he relented a few years ago in order to save the unemployment insurance for the unemployed people and some other stipulations that were being held hostage by the g.o.p. but he doesn't have to do that any more. and right after he did that, they called that his tax breaks for the wealthy. and he absolutely di
florida major cities like new york, francisco and los angeles, all traditionally democratic enclaves. those who are won't pay the taxes oppose them, and those who will support it. here with me, robert reich at u uc berkeley's goldman school of policies. is this politics that goes back to what is the matter with kansas book a few years back. they would really not be affected by the tax increase that they want us to go through. >> it is one of the great ironies. it has to do with the big lie. if you tell the big lie over and over again people start believing it. and one of the lies that republicans have been telling for year is the lie of trickle down economics. the wealthy are job creators. if you tax them you'll have fewer jobs, fewer--less income over all. it's obviously a lie. it has proven to be a lie. if you tell it again over and over again at least enough people begin believing it in red states. people who are not at all wealthy that it has some heft. the other thing that republicans have been spreading the word about or trying to convince people about who are not going to be
millions on a pair of florida conferences, even providing free shuttle service for workers who want to go to disney world. in front of the u.s. house veterans affairs, agency executive said he was sorry. >> those failures were unacceptable. and i apologize to veterans and to the committee. >> documents we obtain show employees accepted pricey gifts, including limo ride and massages. >> veterans comes first. >> and also during the questioning, agency was unable to see how much it was spending. perhaps as much as $85 million a year. when an agency executive, damaging the reputation of da workers, this is the response. >> don't you ever accuse a democrat or a republican on this committee of slapping any of the hard working 300,000 va a employees. rest assured it's the leadership that we're concerned with. >> we have a copy of up with of the agendas from one the orlando conferences. time was set aside for a dance party and even a trek to universal studio. scott mcfarland,. >> and we've seep their name -- seen their name for three decades. the high-tech exhict in the vietnam memorial in three
made there. in new mexico and in nevada and florida. he saw a community come forward and embrace him in his position, number one. plus, this president knows, it is the right thing to do. it is the right thing to do, to allow people to come out of the shadows. as democrats, we are going to allow everyone. one of our principles today that we made sure of. when we look at family, we look at same-sex marriage families as families too. we see those partnerships as valuable partnerships. we want a holistic approach. we are democrats. we are going to stand up for what's right and stand up for a country that is more inclusive and more respectful of everybody. >> congressman luis gutierrez, good to have you on "the ed show qud tonight. it's that time of . time for citi price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you really don't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price. and if it finds one, you get refunded the difference. just use your citi card and register your purchase online. have a super sparkl
plus a florida based pastor. because the defendants live outside of egypt it is viewed as symbolic. u.n. secretary general met today with president of the palestinian national authority. he wants palestine recognized as a nonmember observer state. some say thursday's vote could give the palestinians leverage in future negotiations. the u.s. and israel oppose such recognition saying it is an attempt to by pass negotiations that broke down four years ago. >>> multimillion dollar dreams. the jackpot that has californians heading east to get hopefully the lucky ticket. >>> we'll bring you the hottest gadgets for the holiday season. >>> good evening. we are tracking the storms still on the way tonight after 1.45 inches of rainfall. temperatures drop off into the 50s we find fog developing. i'll have the timing on the next storm in just a few minutes. >>> people across the country have powerball fever even here in california where there is no powerball. in san diego they are driving across the border to arizona to buy powerball tickets for the largest powerball jackpot in history. at this p
to fill the two open spots to women. the outgoing florida chair told the hill today to totally not read into this whole no women in leadership positions thing. she said quote, it's not over yet. side note, i should mention she would now be replaced by this man. chair of the house foreign affairs committee. it is not over yet though. frank core caught up with tennessee congresswoman marcia blackburn today to ask her whether this maybe looks bad for the republicans. the change was off camera, but frank did get the audio. >> dune that the aesthetics of having all that -- >> i think that it is -- i wish we weren't having to address that issue. i would like to have that we could have had women chairmen, but the fact that this is kind of the way it has turned out as a vote, i think what we have to do is just continue to highlight the well qualified women that are in our conference. >> can we please not talk about this? i wish we didn't have to talk about this. but it's not over, right? john boehner still has a chance to change this. the last two committees that have open chairman spots are th
's why. earlier today an egyptian court sentenced seven egyptian christians and a florida-based pastor to death for their roles in the amateur and controversial youtube video, "the innocence of muslims." while the eight who were convicted will likely never have to face the sentence, this points to a much larger problem and highlights the blatant lack of tolerance, the total disregard for free speech by radical islamists. joining with me reaction fox news contributor and author of best-selling book "the culture of corruption," michelle malkin. the pro-democracy protesters here, in tahrir square, we don't see as much coverage of this going on tonight, going on for a number of days. they're asking in the square, why is the united states backing the wrong side? why is the obama state department -- why did they say earlier today, this guy's not a dictator? can you explain that? >> ineptitude on the part of the state department, and it's a virus that's infected our state department for years, whether it's a republican or democratic administration. foggy bottom, called that for a reason. the
murder in tampa, florida. that's one you turned bad. the story has abraham shakespeare. $30 million lottery in 2006. killed in 2009, ad by his girlfriend dorse. he accused of swindling out of what wa was left of his winning. who side are you on, dore ris who says she did not kill him, just took his money and invested it wild lil or for shakespeare for winning to begin with? facebook >> dana: i blame him because in the story it says she befriended him. when you win that much money you have to pick your friends carefully. >> brian: doris said i will invest your money, what is left of it. what is wrong -- is it dorse' fault for being, showing benevolence in what is left of what is left of his money? abe. >> kimberly: this woman it appears from the facts and the circumstances innocent until proven guilty killed this guy. they have a tremendous amount of evidence in the prosecutor's office. this is what happens in situations like this. duped by a coworker. >> eric: buried in a concrete slab in a house that she bought with his money. hello! >> bob: she tried to pay someone $450 for citing
may have lost. he saw the gains that we made there. in new mexico and in nevada and florida. he saw a community come forward and embrace him in his position, number one. plus, this president knows, it is the right thing to do. it is the right thing to do, to allow people to come out of the shadows. as democrats, we are going to allow everyone. one of our principles today that we made sure of. when we look at family, we look at same-sex marriage families as families too. we see those partnerships as valuable partnerships. we want a holistic approach. we are democrats. we are going to stand up for what's right and stand up for a country that is more inclusive and more respectful of everybody. >> congressman luis gutierrez, good to have you on "the ed show" tonight. >>> republicans think a night at the movies might get them set straight on some of the issues they are facing. i will show you how they have done this in the past. stay tuned. someone happy ♪ when you give a child a toy, it has to work. ♪ make just one someone happy and when it's a toys for tots child, well, what could
. florida lottery, power ball, winning power ball numbers and winners. this comes after last night's big power ball drawing worth more than 500 million dollars there are two winners one in missouri and the other in arizona. >>> prince william and his wife are getting a push towards parenthood, the couple toured a hospital in cambridge yesterday. one young mother gave a gift to the couple, a homemade romper with the words daddy's little co-pilot many speculation has been building that they will soon have their first child. the couple will celebrate two years of marriage in april. >>> linebacker mcclean could be released from the team today. he was held out of practice yesterday because of an undis-- undisclosed team-related issue. he's still on the roster this morningnñ he said on his facebook page he's no longer a raider. >>> with or without mcclean we are getting ready forayers day december 6th, pregame -- at 5 we'll broadcast the game against the broncos at the coliseum we want to see your team pride, e-mail your fan photos to u--- urecord. we'll show them on air during raiders day ne
gotten together not just since the election but since the debate in boca raton, florida, over a month ago. first time they have been face-to-face. this is a long tradition, going back at least to john f. kennedy and richard nixon, bury the hatchet. show we have peaceful transitions in this country. i yesterday, asked, jay carney respectfully to open up the meeting to cameras on behalf of the white house correspondents association. respectfully declined. he believe both men had been in front of the public eye, in front of tv cameras over past year. they wanted to take care of business in private, if you will. one thing might be on the agenda, the fact that at his news conference a couple weeks back the president said something he respected about mitt romney how he turned around the olympic games. he thought some of that could be used to help make government more efficient. there is a big debate going on about government spending, wasteful spending. maybe he will enlist mitt romney for a initiative along those lines. jon: talk about government spending, we've got that fiscal cliff coming up
on for a woman accused of swindling the winnings from a man who won millions. florida lottery winner abraham shakespeare was killed and his body buried in a backyard after making headlines for winning the lottery big time down in flori florida. >> the prosecution contends by the time dede moore met shakespeare he had already given away most his money to family and friends to pay their mort gauges. she took control of his assets. shakespeare shortly thereafter disappeared. while he was missing prosecutors say moore told investigators many different stories about where he might be and she contacted shakespeare's family by e-mail, text and phone, claiming to be him. >> he said hey mom, and i said who is this? he said this is abraham. i said no you don't sounds like abraham. >> reporter: his body was found beneath a concrete slab in moore's backyard shot twice in the chest with a gun. her ex-husband testified she asked him to dig a hole and a chron crete contractor says she asked him to poor the slab. she then told police two men came to her house and killed shakespeare and allowed her to live s
folks do? >>guest: well, of course, california comes to florida the difference between england and the united states, in great britain you can by living a year abroad and coming back for 89 years, you can get out of the income tax and capital gains. in the united states, you are a tax captive worldwide for life but can you escape the huge taxes on spending and sales tax and of course all the charges and fees that the governments now charge in addition to the taxes. so an american can escape somewhat but not as effectively as the british. when margaret thatcher reduced the tax we saw an explosion of enterprise and of course a wave of tax revenue came rolling in. we were able to have a debt repayment schedule and the tax emigres came back from the tax havens that remain in the british empire like bahamas and elsewhere. >>neil: john, always a pleasure, if no for other reason than your british accent is better than stuart varney's accent. thank you very much. thank you, john. in the meantime, the man who brokers some pretty night deals for lawrence taylor, what about this one betwe
is coming back very strongly yesterday. chad in florida, please. >> caller: hey, jim, a boo-yah from orlando. >> man, i wish i were in orlando. i wish it was warm. what's up? >> caller: i have a question on north start realty finance. it looks lie this got up graded today. could it be a way to play a comeback? >> we look at this one, this is a very, very good company. they're a real estate debt company. here's what i want to do. i want it on the shelf. that's how we'll make our best adjustment. you're invited to come on "mad money." whether you're house hunting on profit-hunting. i think realogy is the best, but pricey. still too high. let it come in, but don't hesitate to pull the trigger. it's best in show. don't move. lightning round is up next. >>> it's a brutal full-contact sport. >>> it is time. it's time for the liningening round. buy buy buy or sell sell sell. hey, staffsers prepared the graphics on the fly. then the lightning round is over. i want to start with brian in ohio. brian? >> caller: hey, jim, out of cleveland here, i have a question for you on mark west here. i bought it
're interested in political poornz you're florida greenpeace. those kinds of environmental questions are interesting to you. >> i'med in the world and how us human beings deal with ourselves and the world. . >> rose: it's great to see you. >> great to see you, too. >> rose: promise me you will come back. >> year, i will. >> rose: to talk longer. >> thank you very much. > congratulations on the movie. >> thank you. >. >> rose: back in a moment. stay with us. . . andrew solomon here is he. he is a bestselling author. his intimate account of depression in the "noon day demon" one the national book award in 2001. his new book "far from the tree: parents, children and the search for identity" tells us stories of kids who experience life in a profoundly different way than their families. dr. eric candle writees, solomon a student of human behavior has written an intellectual history that lays the foundation for a 21st century psychological bill of rights. i am pleased to have andrew solomon back at this table. welcome. >> what a pleasure to be here. >> rose: talk about the title first. "f
for the multi-state lottery. she is at florida lottery headquarters in tallahassee this morning. sue, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. >> so it's kind of a gloomy morning for people who are waking up today if they don't live in arizona or missouri. what more information can you tell us? can you narrow this down at all? >> unfortunately, what we do is the lotteries have secured procedures that they like to follow. and once arizona and missouri have done their steps that they need to, they'll be releasing the town and the retailer that they were purchased in. >> and we should mention, by the way, powerball tickets are not sold in every state, it could be possible that someone drove into arizona, for example, from california or nevada to buy a ticket, right? >> that's correct, especially in arizona. >> all right. so what are the logistics now? if you are the person out there and you've got that winning ticket or what you believe to be the winning ticket, what steps should you take immediately? >> the first thing you should do is sign the back of your ticket. because until you do th
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